Welding & Fabrication

Welding & Fabrication2017-09-22T15:37:33+01:00

Our extensive welding facilities include 8 separate stations incorporating 3 MIG, 3 TIG and 2 ARC welding machines.

We work with mild / stainless and galvanised steel to produce complex components and assemblies manufactured to ISO quality standards.


Sureweld Spot Welder BSM216

Cebora Mig Star 350S with GTF4 Wire Feed

ESAB Mig 4001

CEA Maxi 401 Mig Welder with WF82 Wire Feed

Arcweld Mig 400 S

Cebora Tig Star 200

CEA Top 250 ac/dc Tig Welder

Jasic Tig 315 P